File I/O Interface

palace.current_fileio()Optional[Callable[[str], palace.FileIO]]

Return the file I/O factory currently in used by audio decoders.

If the default is being used, return None.

palace.use_fileio(factory: Optional[Callable[[str], palace.FileIO]], buffer_size: int = 8192)None

Set the file I/O factory instance to be used by audio decoders.

If factory=None is provided, revert to the default.

class palace.FileIO(*args, **kwargs)

File I/O protocol.

This static duck type defines methods required to be used by palace decoders. Despite its name, a FileIO is not necessarily created from a file, but any seekable finite input stream.

Many classes defined in the standard library module io are compatible with this protocol.

abstract close()None

Close the file.

abstract read(size: int)bytes

Read at most size bytes, returned as bytes.

abstract seek(offset: int, whence: int = 0)int

Move to new file position and return the file position.

  • offset (int) – A byte count.

  • whence (int, optional) – Either 0 (default, move relative to start of file), 1 (move relative to current position) or 2 (move relative to end of file).